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MONDAY OF GAME WEEK SIPS, ft. Northwestern's captains and an update from me




GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK. Dude, we have so many good things to post this week. So let's start with not posting things!

Gloatfest 2013: So second things first: if you haven't seen it, last week a story I put a decent amount of legwork -- haaaaaaa -- into reporting ran over at The Atlantic. They don't normally run sports stuff, but they were dumb enough to let me analyze how kickers become kickers, for about 2,500 words. It involves early specialization, involvement with influential people, and, yes, a bit of money. I wasn't a huge fan of the headline they gave it, but I guess it does sum up the piece. I've gotten positive feedback, so maybe you'll like it.

And now, first things second: today isn't only the beginning of GAME WEEK, but it's also the first day that I'm officially a full-time employee at SB Nation. From your end, this doesn't mean much. Hypothetically, there should be a decrease in content: as a student, I probably had like 15 hours of stuff to do a week, including class, and I still half-assed my job. Now I work at least 40 hours a week before I ever get around to the site.

But somewhere along the line, I became a professional internet sports person. I've gotten a lot better at writing and a lot better at knowing how to smartly cover things, and I think we're in a position to make this the best year in SoP history. There are a lot of other Northwestern sports websites, and I think what we bring is unique, and hope it's the site you idiots choose to read (although, of course, you could just read all of us.)

From my end: HELL yes, this is gonna be awesome. I love this company and am proud to be the 3421th most talented individual we employ. Proud to try to make it even better, if that's possible.

It's also worth noting that I have watched two Northwestern football games while sober over the past two football seasons, and this year I won't be drinking during any of them because I'll be working Saturdays, so there's a slight chance the analysis will increase. (I am trying to get a week off -- NU vs. Wisconsin, maybe?)

T-Swift's not always there when you call, but always on time: Martin Rickman put together the Ja Rule Top 25, and Northwestern is this song:

Up and coming. Hungry. It’s the Northwestern Wildcats. Time to build. No more playing around.

Not Ja's best effort, but we'll take it, especially since everybody on that track besides "Mic Geronimo" went on to become huge.


AHHHH NO PRESSURE WE HAVE TO WIN SO MANY GAMES BEFORE THEN DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT YET AHH AHHHH AHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHH AHH AHHHH okay okay okay don't ask your boss if that can be the weekend you can take off the tickets will be too expensive ahh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Dark horse: Air Force vs. Navy, with a surprise appearance from Barry O.)

Tired from running through walls? BAD NEWS: NORTHWESTERN AS A SLEEPER FOR THE BCS TITLE:

I get that sleeper means "sleeper," but, yeah. ROUNDTABLELTP let me guest over there amongst some much smarter people. Get ready for me to say similar things over here! Will Hampton is a loveable galoot And really good with kids:

In other fun team things, photo day!

Northwestern has captains: For those interested in who takes the field for coin flips: Brandon Vitabile, Tyler Scott, Kain Colter, Rashad Lawrence, and Damien Proby:

Teddy G fix: Teddy on something we've said before: that keeping coaches around is awesome for the team. Beckman lulz: We linked to how he seriously doesn't know his mom's birthday, but it's worth another look. Mike Thomas won't say how many games he needs to win to be fired, which is great news for Tim! The Illini's hilarious GAME DAYYYYYYY Geico parody is great, because it also reveals that SERIOUSLY TIM BECKMAN DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO SIT WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED (side note: Riley O'Toole should not be so excited for Gameday.)

LIES:Football STudy Hall projects Northwestern fourth in the legends :( :( :( they used math too

Tidbits THAT YOU SHOULD READ (no seriously these are just as important as anything else in here and generally funnier/more in-depth but they're not specifically Northwestern related so I didn't write blurbs bout em....: What's good for Ohio State is good for the B1G...and yet an analysis of why they won't go 12-0 from SBN studios...Football Study Hall and Corn Nation both discuss Taylor Martinez's fascinating legacy...PELINI SMASH... THE MOST B1G PHOTO OF ALL TIME...

That's it!

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