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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Cal Golden Bears game thread


Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

We've waited 250-odd days. Northwestern played one of the most fun seasons in school history last year, nad we've waited 250-odd days.

Now, it's time. Tonight's game doesn't matter in terms of the big picture things -- they can lose and still go to INdianapolis, still make the Rose Bowl, etc.

But tonight's game is so huge in terms of what it is -- a chance for this damn team to show they're ready. Northwestern has had expectations before. But rarely have they lived up to them. We won 10 games last year. Now it's time to do it again, and it starts on a pretty evening in Berkeley.

Today was my first day working in the SB Nation office, and I spent the whole time watching college football and loving life. But as interested I was in various games, I couldn't stop thinking about this game. I couldn't stop thinking about when I would get off, go to Blondies, and watch Northwestern do what it can do.

Now it's time. Comment away.

Let's. Go. Cats.

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