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Transcript: Sonny Dykes Complains to Refs About Northwestern Injuries

The Pac-12 Network has a new show out called "The Drive," which is similar in format to BTN's "The Journey." This year, it's following Arizona State and Cal football, and the first episode aired Wednesday night. In that episode, Cal coach Sonny Dykes was mic'd up and talking to the refs about the Northwestern injury situation. We can't embed the footage — you can subscribe to Pac-12 Network to watch — but we were able to get the transcript, courtesy of the Pac-12 Network.

Dykes to Ref: "They're tired. They're getting hurt every two or three plays. They're going to have another guy hurt in two plays."

Footage of NU player on the ground with Dykes' voice: "Here they go! Here they go!"

Dykes to Ref: "This is.."

Ref to Dykes: "You know I have no power over this."

Dykes said after the game that he didn't want to say his opinion on the injuries. Pat Fitzgerald denied faking injuries and our own Nate Williams, a former NU linebacker, wrote that NU doesn't coach that way. What's done is done, but it's interesting to get Dykes' perspective when it doesn't have to censor himself. It's also interesting that the ref admitted he couldn't do anything about the situation, even if he thought NU was faking injuries. Thoughts on the transcript?