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Northwestern vs. Western Michigan game thread

Northwestern should win by a bunch DON'T LOOK AT THE OTHER GAMES

Jonathan Daniel

Woohoo! Northwestern vs. a cupcake! Western Michigan is gonna get rolled, so--


Michigan did what against Akron

I mean

Okay but we're better than Michigan State and they beat Western Michigan and Western Michigan lost to Nicholls State LOOK I'M NOT GONNA GET WORRIED ABOUT THIS OKAY LIKE NORTHWESTERN SHOULD TOTALLY BEAT THE WESTERN MICHIGAN BRONCOS BY A LOT OF POINTS.

So, I'm kinda amped about Northwestern. Michigan looked awful, only beating Akron by four. Nebraska got beaten into little poopy pieces by UCLA after taking an early lead. Michigan State is Michigan State. And then there's Northwestern, Iowa, and Minnesota, and well.... through two weeks and everything before this game, Northwestern is the best team of those six. I'm cool with that.

Anyway, I ended up not being able to make it to Blondie's because I am still at the office. I'm super-okay with that, since I'm watching football on 42-ish screens, and I started drinking as soon as my fast ended.

So, like, go Northwestern and stuff!

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