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Northwestern vs. Western Michigan: Wildcats win, but not by like 57,000

The No. 17 Wildcats won, sure, but they looked shaky at first before building a comfortable lead.

David Banks

No. 17 Northwestern is 3-0. Northwestern's game against Western Michigan wasn't dominant enough to be fun and it wasn't close enough to be heart-rending, but it was a win, and that's what matters, I suppose. Right? Right?!?!?! RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!

Kain Colter threw a pick on NU's first damn play from scrimmage and Northwestern ended the first quarter down -- DOWN!!! - 3-0 to the Broncos. Soon after, they'd score, but then they'd go down 10-7 after a huge pass play.

It seemed like things were bad. JEFF BUDZIEN EVEN MISSED A FIELD GOAL.

But things were not bad. NU scored 24 points in the second quarter and were up double digits by halftime, and pushed it to 38-17 for the final tally. (My 45-14 was closer than most people thought.)

No, Northwestern did not cover the spread. They could have won by more. Butthey won by three touchdowns, and didn't seem to assess any injuries with the real games a few weeks ahead. I think that's okay.

And we did better than Michigan State did, so there you go.

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