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'Cats in the NFL: Jeremy Ebert caught a pass! Corey Wootton got a sack!

Some 'Cats got some burn this week! Congrats to Jeremy Ebert to being promoted from the Jaguars' practice squad, and Corey Wootton was the only Bear to tackle the QB last weekend.

Look what I found!  Corey came up with a key fumble recovery for the Monsters of the Midway
Look what I found! Corey came up with a key fumble recovery for the Monsters of the Midway
Jonathan Daniel

Meet our "Big 10", i.e. the 'Cats that are getting cheddar from NFL franchises..  This week I've divvied them into 3 groups: the starters, the subs and the (practice) squaddies.  Here's to hoping that we can erase that third category by the end of the year.


Zach Strief (#64, New Orleans Saints).  Zach still has that right tackle spot on lock.  His Saints marched over the Buccos, 16-14 and are now 2-0.

Barry Cofield (#96, Washington NFL Team).  The Indigenous Peoples' front 7 is fine, it's just the back 4 that's brutal.  Barry carved out 3 tackles (2 solo, 1 Assisted) as the team from Washington got dropped by the Packers 38-20.

Nick Roach (#53, Oakland Raiders).   Nick had a very quiet week in week 2.  Though he started, he didn't get in the book as the Raiders stomped on the hapless Jags 19-9.


Corey Wootton (#98, Chicago Bears).  Corey didn't get the start, but he did pick up the lone sack for the Bears and recovered a fumble from All-Galaxy RB Adrian Peterson.  The Bearssssss edged their division rivals from Minnesota 31-30 to get to 2-0, as a city reluctantly embraces its nerd-chic football braintrust.   He's listed as the starting LDE for this week.

Marquice Cole (#23, New England Patriots).  'Marquice backed up the Left CB, but didn't get into the book this week.  Despite this, the Pats were able to survive the NY Jets 13-10.  He remains as the backup LCB for Week 3.

Jeremy Ebert (#80, Jacksonville Jaguars).  Jeeebes got promoted from the practice squad on Saturday as Mike Brown had a back injury.  He caught 1 pass for 5 yards, to the delight of Coach Fitz.  However, the Jags fell to 0-2 at the hands of the Raiders.  At this point, Ebert is not listed in the depth chart for Week 3.

Sherrick McManis (#38, Chicago Bears).  McManis has been limited to special teams gunnin' as he's still the 3rd RCB on the Bears depth chart.  And on Sunday, he was living in interesting times as he got to experience 2 TDs (1 to the good, and 1 to the bad).  Despite the spesh team follies, the Bears pulled out the win.

Corbin Bryant (#97, Buffalo Bills).  Corbin did log some time for his first appearance of the year.  He's still listed as  the third team at DT.  On the bright side, his Bills edged the Carolina Panthers.


Jordan Mabin (#43, Atlanta Falcons).  The Falcons beat the Rams 31-24 while Mabin got some quality towel wavin' time in.

Brian Arnfelt (#69, Pittsburgh Steelers).  The practice squad rookie had a great seat watching his Steelers get pounded by the feisty Bengals on Monday night.

Squad Status summary: 3 starters, 5 backups, 2 practice squaddies.

Week 2 Record: 7 'Cats tasted that victory hooch, while 3 'Cats stared quietly into their goblets o' Franzia.

Season Overall:  11-9.

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