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Opponent Links: Week 4, Maine

We’ve finally arrived at Northwestern’s last nonconference matchup: Maine. Read up on the Black Bears before they come to town Saturday afternoon.

Maine is one of only two teams in the Colonial Athletic Association that is still unbeaten, and they came in at No. 25 in the latest FCS coaches’ poll. Pete Warner of the Bangor Daily News catalogs how they’ve gotten there and looks ahead to the Northwestern match.

Northwestern finally faces a team with an established head coach, one with a similar story to the Wildcats’ own Pat Fitzgerald. Jack Cosgrove is in his twenty-first year at the helm of his alma mater and just signed a three-year contract extension in February.

The Northwestern secondary will have their hands full with Maine wide receiver Derrick Johnson, a senior who sat out most of last season with an injury and has returned with a drive to win (and a 4.3 40-yard dash time).

Check out our own preview of the Black Bears in the week four edition of “Know Your Opponent.”