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Northwestern vs. Maine football: Predictions/Preview thread!

Maine's a good FCS team -- they're ranked! No. 25! But Northwestern is a better FBS team -- we're ranked, No. 18 -- so this one shouldn't be close as NU tries to move to 4-0.

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Remember how last week's game between Northwestern and Western Michigan wasn't supposed to be close? And then it was a 38-17 win for Northwestern that wasn't close, but was still kindo f surprising?

Well, good news! This game also isn't supposed to be close! On the one hand, Maine is literally not allowed to have as many players as Northwestern, but on the other, they're a good team without as many players, entering the game undefeated and with a win over an FBS opponent. I think Maine is probably a better team than Western Michigan, but after looking a little sluggish last week, who knows?

We asked the crew as always, and we're asking you, too, as Northwestern tries to go 4-0.


Maine's QB will scramble on the NU defense too much to feel comfortable about Braxton Miller coming to Evanston in two weeks. Nonetheless the NU offense runs up the score on the backs of the deep RB core. Warren Long runs for 50 yards and his first TD in a promising second game.

Northwestern wins 42 - 13


'Cats tighten up loose ends after last week's sloppy game, and the kids will get run in the second half. Big goal: Stay healthy ahead of Buckeye Tilt. We will see more of Malin Jones in the Superback position, and TBuck will get into space and cause ruckus. Purple take care of bidness.

Northwestern, 41-10.


I expect a conservative gameplan, but better execution from the Wildcats. Maine will come prepared to play, but in the end, NU has the superior talent and depth.

Northwestern, 44-14


Maine is a solid team for their level, but this should mostly be a question of when the game gets out of hand.

Northwestern wins, 41-13.


A write-up for this "game" is beneath me

Northwestern 43, Maine 5


I think Maine is probably as good, if not better, than Western Michigan. But NU didn't play up to potential last week, and Maine did get absolutely wrecked by a pretty bad Boston College team last year, so I'm not expecting a close one. No Venric Mark, but we're still dealing with mop-up guys by the third quarter.

BTW, I now take my predictions super-seriously now that somebody is keeping track. I want to hold on to that No. 2 spot.

Northwestern, 42, Maine, 10