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College Gameday for Ohio State-Northwestern really seems like it's happening

We've been talking about Gameday for OSU-Northwestern ever since the schedule came out. It's freaky to watch the pieces fall into places.


So, I've been trying not to think about anything besides Northwestern winning football games, because that's awesome enough as it is, but let us take a moment to actually think about this: it really seems like College Gameday is going to be at Northwestern for Ohio State-Northwestern.

Good reporters like Inside NU have said this for a while, but now we're starting to hear leaks from the official side of things:

With Gameday at Wrigley Field, everything kind of came as a shock. It was like "well, we're having this dumb game at Wrigley Field and OH WAIT GAMEDAY?!?!!" I had jokingly written a column about Gameday coming to Northwestern in the Daily earlier that year, but hadn't really expected it to happen.

This time, though, we've seen it since the moment the Ohio State game came on the schedule, but it's still freaky and weird to see things falling into place.

I still think that a) they wouldn't do Ohio State two weeks in a row and b) they won't come to NU if Ohio State isn't undefeated, so I still intend on rooting for the Buckeyes against Wisconsin next weekend. I mean, even if Gameday wasn't a factor, I'd want them to be undefeated -- you want the team you play to be ranked as highly as possible, and you want to have the opportunity to ruin some dreams. But I don't see them announcing Gameday two weeks ahead of time -- they didn't even do that for NDSU this week, which was totally a prearranged thing. It would take away from the whole "RAH-RAH COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS HAPPENING WOOOOO" nature of the show that makes it so awesome.

Talking about how College Gameday is awesome: THIS IS AWESOME. As noted I'm still on pins and needles and still need Northwestern to win this week, but I want this game, this shot at the supposed champs, and this chance for some national TV with Northwestern being Northwestern, and I want it badly. Sure, it's nice that Mike and Mike are broadcasting from NU or whatever but, like, I've never heard/listened to a second of that show, and while the usual crew of NU grads harping on NU is fine, this is a legit, merit-based chance for Northwestern to get its shine on.

Here's to those trailers pulling into Evanston in two weeks, and us acting like idiots.