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Northwestern vs. Maine football game thread!

Guys, it's a football game.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

We said it earlier and we said it again: sure, it's just Maine, an FCS team. But Northwestern is playing a football game, and they're probably going to win. Why aren't you more excited about that! The season is so very very short andNorthwestern is so very very good in comparison to how good they've been in past years. It's not the best football game, but it's a football game, and we can certainly be glad for that.

Venric Mark ain't gonna play (obviously) but that shouldn't be an issue. After Iowa blew out Western Michigan earlier today, there's reason for you to be a tad queasy, so it would be quite nice for Northwestern to do very well starting early. Do that.

As always, you can comment along here, but I should mention once again that we'll be running a live chat over at the dot-com for the more... shall I say... exciting games.

Go Cats and stuff be 4-0. More from Sippin' On Purple: