Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Four (Or, AHHH, WE SUCK WE SUCK, HOW WILL WE EVER PREDICT B1G GAMES CORRECTLY?)

I'm getting nervous, you guys. Last week I still felt fine. Once could have ben an aberration. Everybody has a bad day once in a while, and maybe that was just everybody's bad day. But this is two weeks in a row, and two weeks looks like a trend. For the second week in a row, nobody underestimated Northwestern's score, and everybody underestimated the opponent's score. I understand that it's hard to get motivated to put your best effort into predicting games that are expected to be so lopsided, but I was hoping at least a few people would show me something this week. If this is the best we can do with the cupcake games, what hope do we have of accurately predicting the outcome of the Ohio State game? I know everyone correctly predicted a win, but I'm starting to have very serious doubts about our prognosticators.

Or, perhaps the last two weeks have, in fact, very little to do with our predictive capabilities going forward.

Big week for the folks at Inside NU, as they occupy the top four spots in this week's rankings. The bottom four spots, on the other hand, are occupied by people who failed to make predictions. (By the way, I essentially treat each missing prediction as a prediction of a 0-0 tie.) Remember guys, 90% of success is just showing up, or something like that. Take a look:

On the season, Rodger moves into first, passing MNWildcat on the strength of his slightly less bad week 4 prediction.