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Pat Fitzgerald Weekly Teleconference Notes: Sept. 24

This is something we'll start doing each week... notes from Pat Fitzgerald's weekly teleconference:

- Fitz: "I'm happy that we found a way to win 4 times... Areas that we need to improve are multiple. Offensively, we've gotta become more consistent. We've moved the ball, but we've been inconsistent in fundamentals, inconsistent in execution."

- "I think our defense has been opportunistic in creating this turnover culture we've been trying to have."

- Fitz found that there's no correlation between coming out of a bye week and success. He asked the Big Ten for info about that a couple years ago, because there were about five teams coming out of a bye week that played NU.

- "(Venric Mark) has been involved in every practice, just maybe not some things that you guys have seen." He's still day-to-day.

- Kain Colter and Fitz discussed the APU designation. Fitz called it "a great teachable and coachable moment." He wants to keep the season team-focused. He also didn't want to disclose their conversation, though.

- Fitz said he is "all for people getting the opportunity to play this great game," in response to a question about Penn State receiving more scholarships back. He said he's not a big fan of punishments that reduce scholarships in the first place.

- Fitz on his age when he started as a head coach: "I stunk. I still do."

- Fitz on Ibraheim Campbell: "He's a great worker off the field. He spends a lot of his own time watching film... He understands, schematically, what a lot of teams are trying to do."