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'Cats in the NFL: Corbin's a backup, and Jags article commenters can be mean

More 'Cats got burn this week, as 40% of our Alums in the NFL are starters. (Yay, fun with stats!)

Meet our "Big 10" (actually, 11!) i.e. the 'Cats that are getting cheddar from NFL franchises. This week I've divvied them into 3 groups: the starters, the subs and the (practice) squaddies. Here's to hoping that we can erase that third category by the end of the year.


Zach Strief (#64, New Orleans Saints). Zach is a stalwart on the successful Saints O-Line. Check him out manhandling his opposite number to spring Robinson for 21 yards. WHO DAT nation rolls to 3-0 after stomping the Cards 31-7.

Barry Cofield (#96, Washington NFL Team). Barry ripped 3 tackles (1 Solo, 2 Assisted) for the Washington NFL Team. Despite this, the Fighting Dan Snyders drop to 0-RG3 after being eaten by the Lions 27-20.

Nick Roach (#53, Oakland Raiders). Nick made his presence felt, with 8 tackles (7 Solo, 1 Assisted). Despite the exhortations of his family in the stands, the Rai-duhs got Manninged on Monday night and fell to 1-2.

Corey Wootton (#98, Chicago Bears). Corey's back as the starting left Defensive End, and against the black-and-yellow-black-and-yellow he had 2 Solo tackles, and 1 pass deflection. NERDS! Bears up to 3-0.


Marquice Cole (#23, New England Patriots). Different week, same story - 'Marquice backed up the Left CB, but didn't get into the book. Neverthelss, the Hate-riots tells the rest of the league to save their drama for their mamas and are now 3-0. He remains as the backup LCB for Week 3.

Jeremy Ebert (#80, Jacksonville Jaguars). Jebes got sent back to the practice squad, yet got re-signed to be a backup again. Ah, life on the NFL fringes. So while we don't have stats to talk about, since he didn't get in the book against the Seahawks, lets check out the nasty comments in the NBC Sports article announcing his signing from the practice squad. My favorite: When Ebert fills out his tax form he lists his employment as “Casual, Part Time”. D'oh. His squad doesn't do the yo-yo thing, as the Jags continue their, uh, jag and derp to 0-3.

Sherrick McManis (#38, Chicago Bears). With Peanut Tillman nursing an unknown injury, it was Next Man Up - as McManis got to play without having a ball hit a foot on the same play. Sherrick notched two tackles (1 solo and 1 assist). Bears are still among the unbeaten after humbling the Steelers at Heinz.

Corbin Bryant (#97, Buffalo Bills). Corbin is now listed as a backup DE, and bagged 2 tackles (both assisted). Nevertheless, Bills get grounded by the Jets 27-20, and are back in familiar territory - under .500 at 1-2.


Jordan Mabin (#43, Atlanta Falcons). Jordan is still learning the playbook on the practice squad. Dirty Birds got chummed by the 'Fins, 27-23 and are on the wrong side of .500.

Brian Arnfelt (#69, Pittsburgh Steelers). Still practice squaddin' Brian is still learning his way around Heinz Field. Meanwhile, Steelers get pounded by the Bears and are looking for answers at 0-3.

Al Netter (#64, Tennessee Titans) Did you guys know Al Netter found his way onto an NFL roster? We didn't! But yes, it happened -- he's on Tennessee's practice squad after kinda being in the Super Bowl last year as a Niners' squadder.

Squad Status summary: 4 starters, 4 backups, 3 practice squaddies.

Week 2 Record: 5 'Cats got a sound night's sleep, while 6 'Cats tossed and turned replaying plays that could've turned the tide.

Season Overall: 17-16.

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