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NU Ranks 19th in AP Poll, 20th in Coaches Poll

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Northwestern is no longer feeling 22. And while, sadly, Rodger Sherman of Sippin' on Purple can no longer reference the Taylor Swift song when talking about NU's ranking, Wildcats fans are sure to be happy about the new college football polls: NU ranks 19th in the AP Poll and 20th in the Coaches Poll.

Neither of these developments are much of a surprise. In the Coaches Poll, NU jumped Boise State and TCU, both of whom lost on Saturday, so that was no surprise. However, the Wildcats also jumped Nebraska in the AP Poll. The Cornhuskers beat Wyoming 37-34, but gave up 602 yards and looked very vulnerable on defense in the process.

An interesting note from Sippin on Purple: this is the first time NU has been ranked in the top 20 during the season since 2001. Also, given NU's easy schedule and the likelihood of teams above them losing, it's entirely possible that the Wildcats will be ranked in the top 15 once Ohio State comes to town on Oct. 5.

Here's the whole AP Poll and whole Coaches Poll.