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Northwestern vs. Ohio State: The College GameDay Sign Symposium

IT IS TIME. Sippin on Purple must discuss GameDay signs.

College GameDay is actually coming to Northwestern for the Ohio State game. This is an opportunity for Northwestern to once and for all say to the world "DAMMIT, WE ACTUALLY HAVE FANS." It's also an opportunity for those fans -- i.e., you -- to show the world that you're big nerdy idiots with mild senses of humor.

Three years ago, when GameDay came to Wrigley Field, we did this, to try and determine which sign I would bring to Wrigley Field.This time around, it's different: First off, I'm not bringing a sign, since I'm here in New York. Second off, there's, like, 30 trillion times more of you reading and commenting than there were back then.

This isn't a competition to have the best sign, but rather an opportunity for us to make dumb jokes and bounce ideas off of each other. Commenters, this is your time to be your dumbest. SHINE.

And on Saturday, we'll see which of you morons actually manages to execute your sign and get it past censors. On actual TV!

Of course, the pictured image is the most prominent sign from last time -- I've tastefully curtailed it to avoid the all-important fourth word -- this is your reminder that if you make that sign, it probably won't make it on TV unless you're smart. The comments section, though, is a spot for you to propose the signs of your wildest dreams. Fly, "TrEvor Siemian (Does That Thing to Ladyparts) Nightly", fly.

Some early entrants:

And your clubhouse leader, from robotsfightingdinosaurs. 1378139_10200835579587119_816034553_n_medium GO GO GO GO GO GO

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