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Northwestern plays Illinois in basketball!

Dumb unis. No Sobo. Can we win?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! Another Northwestern basketball game! Yayyyyy! I'm not crying at all!

Here's what's important:

1. Northwestern is wearing these stupids.


2. Dave Sobolewski isn't playing!

OH NO, HOW WILL WE POSSIBLY WIN THIS BASKETBALL GAME WITHOUT DAVE SOBOLEWSKI. So he's got a concussion, which is a bummer for him, but... um... I kinda like Northwestern's chances this way better.

3. Illinois lost to Wisconsin by a similar amount of points to the amount of points Northwestern lost to Wisconsin by! We could maybe kinda almost maybe lose by 10 or less!

4. If you want to listen on the radio, our internet pal Brandon is on the call for WNUR. IF you want to listen to him.

Luckily -- or unluckily -- the NFL games are over and we actually have to watch this stupid stuff. Go Cats! CHICAGO'S BIG TEN TEAM