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Northwestern's post-Illinois win victory celebration was awesome

NU won't go 0-18. We might go 1-17, but they'll never take away this W, or the video that came out of it.

You ever wonder why we pay attention to college sports anyway? And not specifically college sports -- Northwestern college sports, a team with a history of bad terrible things, including a basketball team with that's spent its 2013-2014 campaign getting blasted by any school with five guys, a ball, and two hoops?

Well, we follow it because sometimes they win, and then this happens:

I love every second of this, from coach side-bumping to goofy locker room dancing to Aaron Liberman shoving Nikola Cerina as hard as he can to Drew Crawford sticking his tongue out to Vic Law's cameo to Chris Collins coming in and getting rowdy. I love every second of it.

I joke that because we're Northwestern, we sip victory instead of chugging it. Hell, one of our most treasured sports memories is snapping a 34-game losing streak.

Losing a lot isn't fun, no. But these oases in a desert of losing make me absolutely giddy.

I don't see great things for the Wildcats this year. My hopes are perked up for a few more wins after taking down Illinois. But we have this, and this is awesome.

20140112_sal_bb6_291 20140112_sal_bb6_288 20140112_sal_bb6_293 Photos via David Banks, USA Today Sports