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Northwestern vs. Michigan State in basketball

Hey we won a game! WE WON A GAME! who cares about other games


Wheeeeeeee Northwestern beat Illinois last time! Hahahahahahahah we won a game! We won a game! Hahahah what do you mean now we have to play more basketball games

Anyway, tonight we take on No. 4 Michigan State, which, well, tall task, huh? They've only lost to UNC this year. UNC is sometimes good.

However, there IS good news:

1. Adreian Payne, who is a man-monster who also hits threes, is out. Branden Dawson will be limited. They are good basketball players.

2. Northwestern never ever ever beats anybody important, but when it does, it beats Michigan State. Remember when we beat MSU two years ago? Or with Kevin Coble? Those are pretty much the two biggest wins in Northwestern history or something.

3. Dave Sobolewski is hopefully still limited, so that too is good for Northwestern.

Remember: if Northwestern wins every game for the rest of the year, they'll make the NCAA Tournament. Go Cats!