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LB Prather Commits to NU; Other Commits in Question

Well this just got interesting.

According to 247's Barton Simmons, Northwestern picked up a commitment today from 2014 linebacker James Prather. Prather received a scholarship this morning. We'll get to more on Prather later, but this also means a shakeup in a class that was already perceived to be full.

Update: As it turns out, Noah Westerfield has decommitted.

However, this still calls into question where Jordan Thomas fits in. Thomas, a three-star safety, is visiting Oklahoma on Friday, so there is definitely a chance he could lose his spot in the class. Pat Fitzgerald has said he doesn't do "soft commitments" and will pull a player's offer if they look around after committing:

“If you tell me you want to go date some other girl, some other schools, I can promise you our wedding is off and I’m not going to continue to recruit them,” Fitzgerald said. “We’re just not going to do that.”

One 2014 Northwestern commit who spoke to Thomas said the three-star safety from Klein, TX is "not anywhere close to decommitting" and that he is "NU faithful." That may not matter to Fitzgerald, whose policy on recruits visiting other schools after committing to his team seems pretty cut-and-dried.

Last year, Fitzgerald pulled the offer of three-star linebacker Ray Davison after the former NU commit took a visit to Cal. Keeping Thomas would be an unprecedented move by Fitzgerald.

We'll have more as the situation develops.