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Northwestern vs. Indiana in basketball!

On the spectrum of games Northwestern can win, this isn't the least winnable!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hey gang! There's no NFL. There's no College Football, unless you count those pre-NFL Draft showcases. Today is our first bona fide college hoops Saturday, and I am absolutely jamming out. Look at how embedded in my couch I am right now:

Unfortunately, this means we might have to watch Northwestern play basketball :( Today the team we have to play is Indiana! On the one hand, they're not the best team in college basketball. On the other, they did just beat Wisconsin. It is practically impossible for Northwestern to win in Assembly Hall if there hasn't been some recruiting-related cataclysm wrecking Indiana hoops, so we're not overly optimistic. We're going to watch, and then flip over to, like, one of the 42,000 great college hoops games that starts at 4 p.m. Join our hungover butt in the comments, y'all!

ohhhhh noooooo Dave Sobolewski's out again