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Northwestern beat Indiana in basketball at Assembly Hall, because Tre Demps is a mangod


Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

I just wanted Northwestern to win a single Big Ten game this year. Just one, so we didn't go 0-18. When you have low expectations, the smallest things feel brilliant.

And this wasn't a particularly small thing. Northwestern went into Assembly Hall and won a basketball game for only the third time in the program's history. Sure, this ain't your grandpa's Indiana or even last year's Indiana, but WE WON A BASKETBALL GAME AT ASSEMBLY HALL. They just beat Wisconsin!

It started out absolutely hideous -- 5-4 more than 10 minutes into play, but eventually Northwestern began to hit a shot or two and opened up a 17-8 lead. Then Indiana stopped doing whatever it is they were doing and made it a three-point deficit at halftime.

The second half started out as the half of Drew Crawford, who connected on the team's first few baskets.

Then, it became the Tre Demps show. It was like the game against Illinois, but more impressive. NU trailed 38-35, and Demps had zero field goals. Then he began cookin' soup. 13 consecutive Wildcats points. A pair of Tre treys, drives, stepbacks, everything. NU was up 48-42 when he returned to earth. Bless you, Tre. We've trashed your shot selection, but when you get to streakin', your hands literally stop existing and turn into flameballs.

And now NU is 2-4 in conference, and we're probably not gonna finish last in the league. Chris Collins has done wonders with this defense, and things are only gonna look up. I believe.

Now, to get a gigantic full body Tre Demps tattoo.