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Northwestern plays Purdue in basketball!

The Wildcats have started winning games, and now play against a team they can win against.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern plays the Purdue Boilermakers in basketball tonight! Northwestern's won two of the last three basketball games! And Purdue is kind of bad!

I had actually gotten pretty excited for this game -- a game I thought was winnable, even when I thought Northwestern could very well go 0-18. Now, it's definitely winnable. In fact, Kenpom projects it as a Northwestern win.

But I feel kinda weird rooting against Purdue today. If you didn't hear, a Purdue student went into an engineering building on campus and shot and killed another student before turning himself into police. (I think the last sentence deserves an "allegedly," because innocent until proven guilty, and stuff.)

It's a strange thing to be a student of a university when another student passes away -- even one you don't particularly know -- passes away. It's a reminder of mortality when you're a young doofus who likes drinking and never imagines anything besides a long life ahead. I imagine it's even stranger when a student passes away due to the malicious actions of another student.

I want Northwestern to win tonight, but I'll totally be able to go to sleep if somebody at Purdue can take solace from a basketball game.

On the plus side, Dave Sobolewski is once again not playing!