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Colter Impressing Scouts at the Senior Bowl

When Kain Colter takes the field at the Senior Bowl on Jan. 25, he'll do so as a wide receiver, not a quarterback. Switching to receiver was the only choice for Colter if he wanted to have a chance to make the NFL, and it appears that he's impressing at his new position.

I'm no scout, so I had no idea where Colter would end up in the draft. I thought he could go anywhere from the mid-rounds to undrafted, since teams could consider it a risk to draft a player who was primarily a quarterback in college. But as it turns out, Colter could go even higher than I had anticipated. Check out a sampling of scout tweets and evaluations from the Senior Bowl.

Tony Pauline of

Colter was featured in our Senior Bowl preview as the latest college quarterback asked to make the transition to receiver. In the early going, the former signal-caller has looked good at his new position. On a number of occasions Colter beat well-established defensive backs to come away with the catch. He also showed great shiftiness separating from opponents as well a run-after-the-catch skill. He still must learn the nuances of the position and protect the ball, yet all signs point North for Colter's move to receiver.

A lot of draft analysis is faulty, and for every tweet praising athletes, there's usually one bringing up "character issues." However, Colter seems to be impressing just about everyone in Mobile this week. That bodes well for his NFL future.