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Northwestern plays Iowa in basketball!

Dave Sobolewski is back. We're doomed.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

We'll remember it for decades.

"Hey, remember that time watching Northwestern basketball was fun?" It as short, it was only three wins in four games, but it was awesome, and we loved every second of it. The wins weren't big, but they were improbable, each more than the next.

But then, a screeching halt, the worst news we've ever heard: Dave Sobolewski was returning from a concussion, and the sky was grey in Mudville.

Northwestern has not yet started to play against Iowa, but I know that the magic is gone, the dream dead. Not just because Iowa is significantly better than Northwestern, but because we struck fire in the form of a young man suffering a brain injury, and now, that fire has been quenched.

We should watch this game, I suppose, but we should also take a moment to remember the good times. Boy, were they good.

Go Cats and stuff.