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Chier Ajou to Transfer from Northwestern

Northwestern redshirt freshman center Chier Ajou will transfer from the university, Chris Collins announced Tuesday.

"Chier informed us that he would like to seek another institution to continue his educational and playing opportunities," Collins said in a statement. "We wish him nothing but the best in the future and are appreciative of his efforts during his time at Northwestern."

Ajou’s minutes were extremely limited in his time at Northwestern, and his situation was murky. He struggled with injuries, and it was unclear whether he was capable of ever developing into anything as a basketball player.

Chris Johnson wrote a great profile of Ajou back in December, exploring both his current situation and the life that he left behind in Sudan. But now it looks like Ajou will be moving on once again.

As far as Northwestern is concerned, this move is a huge positive for the program. It frees up another scholarship for Collins to use either on another high school recruit or on a transfer.

It appeared that Northwestern had used up its scholarship quota for 2013-14 after it got five commitments for next year’s class, but Ajou’s decision to transfer means Collins may not be done.

In a recent article, Chris Johnson discussed whether or not Northwestern had room for a transfer, and with this news, that discussion now takes on some more weight. But whenever the open spot is filled, and whether it pays dividends next year or further down the road, this is another step away from the Carmody era and into the Collins era. It’s another opportunity for Collins to put his stamp on the roster, and fill it with players that fit his system.