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Northwestern plays Iowa in basketball!

There are no breaks in the Big Ten, except for the teams playing Northwestern.

Jonathan Daniel

Northwestern plays Iowa! I remember a time in my college career when Northwestern would play Iowa in basketball and I'd be like "Pshhh! Easy win!" (and then I'd be disappointed when Northwestern inevitably lost to Iowa due to, like, Matt Gatens hitting 11 threes. It was always the one guy who should not be allowed to shoot a three.)

Anyway, not the case anymore! Iowa is No. 20, and the only reason they ever lose games is a) IF IT'S EVER CLOSE, EVER and b) if Fran McCaffery goes and gets himself tossed, which he did against Wisconsin, which luckily means he's suspended. Let's see what I wrote over at BHGP!

6) OK, prediction time -- who ya got?


I keep on hoping to reverse jinx this team, but they're super-bad. Anyway, the game's on ESPNU, and we'll be watching and drinking and sorrowing.

So join us! Go Cats. Please, go, we are depressed.