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Halftime Notes: Northwestern 10, Minnesota 14

A little more offense than some expected, but there haven't been any fireworks.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

- This game has pretty much gone just as most people expected. It was a fairly sleepy first half with some stereotypical offense from Minnesota (lots of running, a big play or two) and from Northwestern (penalties, drops and some nice plays from Justin Jackson). The defenses weren't great but did a good enough job to keep both teams in the game.

- Trevor Siemian's ankles are really heavily taped and it could be hard for him to push off on throws down the field. In the first half, he looked alright throwing the ball but missed an open Tony Jones for a big play down the sideline and skipped a pass to Miles Shuler who was looking to pick up a first down.

- Northwestern's defense has held up pretty well against Minnesota's rushing attack. David Cobb finished the first half with 53 yards on 13 carries. On average, the senior running back racks up over 144 yards per game so the Wildcat defense has done a pretty good job of limiting big plays and keeping him in check.

- The final drive of the half for Northwestern was its best of they day but it stalled on Minnesota's two, where Jack Mitchell knocked in the chip-shot field goal. Northwestern will get the ball to start the second half.