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SPECIAL REPORT: We found out what this year's basketball team is thinking

Alex Olah misses Kale, Sanjay Lumpkin is trying to show off his muscles and JerShon Cobb and Sobo are planning to lay down the law for the young guys in our analysis of the team's candid photo.

Last week was Northwestern basketball media and while this was largely the first opportunity to speak to Chris Collins and co., the day's biggest development was a post by the team's Facebook page. We took an in-depth look at what each Northwestern player was thinking during this glorious candid team photo:

TOP ROW (from left): Scottie Lindsey, Nate Taphorn, Jeremiah Kreisberg, Gavin Skelly, Sanjay Lumpkin

SECOND ROW (from left): Nick Segura, Tre Demps, JerShon Cobb, Dave Sobolewski, Johnnie Vassar, Bryant McIntosh

BOTTOM ROW (from left): Vic Law, Alex Olah