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Northwestern practice notes: October 15

The offense was flowing well in preparation for Nebraska.

Hannah Foslien

Some quick notes on Wednesday's practice:

- It was misty and fairly cold outside. The wet conditions led to some errant passes and quite a few drops, on both sides of the ball.

- The offense looked particularly good, especially in 7-on-7. Trevor Siemian was in rhythm with his receivers and consistently delivered nice passes.

- Miles Shuler had a ton of catches and scored several touchdowns on Siemian passes. Shuler and Kyle Prater were Siemian's favorite targets for the day.

- Ibraheim Campbell was a non-participant, but he is listed on the depth chart for Saturday. Campbell or Godwin Igwebuike will start.

- The defensive line went through a lot of rotation. Dean Lowry, Deonte Gibson, Max Chapman, Ifeadi Odenigbo and Xavier Washington all saw snaps with the first team. Chapman and Lowry are listed as the starters at the end spots for Saturday.

- Marcus McShepard also got some reps with the first team when Matt Harris was taking a breather.

- Outside of the drops, it was a very clean practice. There weren't many mistakes or turnovers, and almost no up-downs during the portion I saw.

What Pat Fitzgerald had to say post-practice:

- When asked about the leadership council, Pat Fitzgerald said top-down leadership doesn't work very well with this generation. "They're so spoiled. It's ridiculous. Look at all these students with your toys," he said.

- Quote of the day: Fitz on the complaints of this generation: "I got a B! Nobody cares you got a B. Quit being such a nerd. Be a man."

- "We got a great partnership with Under Armour, just having fun. We are going to do something every year. This was the first uniform combo they gave us," Fitz said about this week's uniforms. "You look good, you play good."

- Fitz said the defense needs to be a lot better up front this week. He said their energy level was "pathetic" against Minnesota and it put them in a hole early.

- On playing Big Ten games, Fitz added, "The bigger they are, the more fun it is. Let's put the gloves on and slug it out."