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Northwestern vs. Nebraska pregame notes

The Wildcats are about to kick off their biggest game of the season.

- It was chilly and raining earlier in the day, but the skies are all clear as we approach kickoff, and it's actually warmer than it was for the Wisconsin game two weeks ago.

- As you've probably heard, Northwestern is going gothic for tonight's homecoming game, with a special gold accent included in the color scheme. That includes uniforms (which look great up close)...

NU uniforms

... and the field...

NU gothic field

- Iowa lost to Maryland earlier today, and Minnesota barely pulled off a win at home over lowly Purdue. As we've said and written multiple times, the winner tonight is probably the favorite to win the Big Ten West.

- We hate to remind you, but the last time these two teams played, this happened:

- As we detailed earlier in the week, last year wasn't the only great game recently between these two teams though. Since Nebraska joined the Big Ten in 2011, the series has been a ton of fun.