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Northwestern practice notes: October 28

Short notes from practice today.

Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

- I didn't catch much of practice, since it got done early. However, here are some of the best notes.

- Just like for Penn State week, they were pumping the crowd noise in for this one. As I said that week, Beaver Stadium and Kinnick Stadium are the two loudest stadiums at field level that I've been to, and I've been to all but Ohio Stadium and Ross-Ade Stadium (lol).

- Ibraheim Campbell was out there practicing, as were Kyle Prater, Miles Shuler and Dan Vitale. All four are listed as questionable for this week.

- It's funny seeing Northwestern's scout team run the Iowa offense. Just completely different players for those two schemes.

- Justin Jackson and Solomon Vault both had some nice runs today.

- More on this later this week, but Northwestern has had a lot of success in its pass rush on passing downs and less success on standard downs. Dean Lowry said that part of the reason for that is NU has struggled against play action. When Iowa throws the ball, it likes to do play action, so watch out for that.

- I noted that NU has done pretty well against the downhill run and asked if that means NU might match up well with Iowa. Lowry said it does and that they've been emphasizing the downhill run this week.

- Lowry faced Brandon Scherff for one series last year before getting injured. His thoughts? "He's strong."