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Pat Fitzgerald post-Wisconsin press conference notes

Here's what Fitz had to say after the win.

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Notes from Pat Fitzgerald's press conference after Northwestern beat Wisconsin.

- Fitz said Chris Gradone's punting was "really important. We knew it was going to be with the weather."

- Fitz talked a lot about "physicality" and "physicality" and such. Lots of buzzwords. And since NU won, he called his team a work in progress.

- Fitz said that Godwin's good hands are due to his playing running back in high school. "I think Godwin's play today was a direct correlation to what he experienced a week ago on the road."

- On last year's loss to Wisconsin: "They formationed the heck out of us a year ago." Fitz praised the defensive staff for their preparation this week. He told them point blank they had to be better.

- A really interesting note: Fitz said that going into the game, on anything bigger than a potential 30-yard field goal with a manageable down and distance, NU was going to go for it. He said he has confidence in Jack Mitchell, but they were really concerned about the wind.

- Fitz points out that Matt Frazier has started playing a lot better. "Matt started looking like the Matt I saw in high school."

- (I forgot my question mid press conference. Look for that on the tape).

- Mick McCall wanted to make that play-action call earlier, but they held it until the last drive to wait until Wisconsin had burned all of its timeouts. When it came time, McCall said "let's get it." Aggression!

- Matt Harris said they called it a "stinger." He was told to stay down.