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Northwestern vs. Iowa pregame notes

It's cold and this is quite the toss-up.

Jonathan Daniel

- It's coooooold today. Not that windy, though, and it should get up to the 40s during the game. But it might not have even gotten into the 30s yet.

- Interesting uniform combination today for Northwestern. Going with white helmet, white jersey and purple pants. Haven't seen that yet.

- Is Trevor Siemian completely healthy? Well, probably not, but according to (our own) reports and Pat Fitzgerald, he's healthier than he's been in awhile. Maybe we'll see the Wildcats open things up?

- Iowa's linebackers have struggled this year and one of the starters, Reggie Spearman, is out after an OWI arrest. NU has to do a better job attacking Iowa's linebackers than they did against Nebraska's linebackers, as that was also a weak spot for the Huskers. Maybe that means getting Dan Vitale in the mix?

- NU has to limit big plays. Every once in awhile, Iowa realizes those plays exist and does really well with them, only to forget about them the next week. Hopefully this isn't a week they remember to throw it deep.

- Ibraheim Campbell, Kyle Prater, Dan Vitale and Miles Shuler are all playing after suffering injuries of varying severity against Nebraska (and lingering injuries before that).

- Fitz has been really displeased with the offensive line, and NU has particularly struggled at right guard and right tackle. Iowa has a very solid defensive line, particularly at tackle, so this will be a good test for the offensive line, Justin Jackson and the running game.

- If NU doesn't win this game, a bowl game berth could very well be in doubt. If the Wildcats win both of these next two games, then maybe they can avoid having to play a Conference USA team in a bowl game.