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Pat Fitzgerald press conference notes vs. Iowa

He was talking quickly and he was not happy.

Jonathan Daniel

Notes from Pat Fitzgerald's press conference after the loss to Iowa.

- Fitz: "I'm incredibly disappointed with our play today." He said he thought Northwestern had a good few weeks of practice in preparation. Was surprised by this.

- Fitz said the issue on the opening kickoff was the same as at Minnesota.

- "I think there's confidence issues on both sides (of the team) when we don't win."

- Fitz noted that the secondary, in particular, played very poorly.

- Fitz said he "hasn't really thought about" his poor record coming off a bye week,

- Fitz said that he did notice that Trevor Siemian struggled to get the ball out of his hands, though it's not all on the QB, he said (again, noted that the offensive line struggled).

- Ibraheim Campbell never played.

- Fitz did say that they need to "take a look at some personnel."