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Chris Collins discusses Northwestern's win over Houston Baptist

Here are his thoughts on the game.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

- Chris Collins was really happy to see how much Northwestern scored despite Tre Demps and JerShon Cobb struggled. "If those guys went 2-for-15 last year, we would've scored 30 points."

- Collins said that Houston Baptist ran a different offense than they did last year. Northwestern had no film on them. They brought their big guy up in the first half and used to play him down low.

- "Of course, the two freshmen I thought were fantastic."

- Collins went on a really long explainer about why this wasn't a bad game (shooting from the better players, the new look from HBU, HBU having better players than last year). Ends with "I'm never gonna apologize for winning."

- "Last year, no chance" they would win this game, given the shooting.

- Collins praised Scottie Lindsey's play in the first half, and deservedly so.

- "We feel like, at (center), we should have the advantage almost every time," Collins said. He said Olah got out-worked in the first half.

- There was a point in the first half when McIntosh got pulled and Northwestern went back to last year's offense of passing it around the perimeter for a bit. Collins said they have more guys who can create, but McIntosh is the best pick and roll guy, so it helps to have him in there.

- Due to JerShon Cobb's past injuries, Collins said that his minutes will probably hover around the low 20s. That's interesting, and certainly lower than we thought heading into the year, but it makes sense if it keeps him healthy.