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Northwestern vs. Notre Dame pregame notes

What to know as we get set for kickoff.

David Banks

- It's coooold today in South Bend. It shouldn't snow today, but there's a lot on the ground.

- Standard away uniforms for Northwestern today. Purple helmets, white jerseys and purple pants.

- NU has to find a way to get to Everett Golson. Golson has struggled with turnovers in recent games, so if the Wildcats get pressure, they might have some success. That's probably going to mean they have to blitz. Mike Hankwitz doesn't love blitzing, but he was willing to against Penn State and it worked wonders. Anthony Walker Jr. might be NU's most important defensive player today. Will NU send him after Golson.

- A lot of speed missing for NU today. Solomon Vault and Miles Shuler are both out. That's not going to help for a team that desperately needs to find a way to get big plays.

- Pat Fitzgerald didn't really elaborate on whether we'll see more of Matt Alviti. I'd guess we'll at least see some of them, though.

- Technically you can make a bowl game at 5-7, but it's not too likely. A loss in this game would likely mean no bowl game for NU once again.

- Notre Dame lost to Arizona State last week and is out of the College Football Playoff hunt. According to Josh Rosenblat's friend, that will probably keep some students away. But the rest of the stadium should be full.

- There's a pretty good contingent of NU fans here. Wildside sent some buses and there were a lot of NU fans walking around.