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Pat Fitzgerald press conference notes: Northwestern-Notre Dame

It was a happy press conference today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Fitz had to say after the stunning comeback victory.

- Fitz: "The way our guys perservered and fought is the hallmark of what we've tried to do all year."

- Fitz called it a game of big plays and self-inflicted wounds.

- Fitz says there'll be more "clean American fun" tonight.

- Fitz said this win is sweeter than the win in 1995 as a player.

- Fitz: "Everybody jumped off the boat. Every fair weather fan jumped off the boat. But they [the players] stayed on."

- Fitz said he talked this week with the team about a back-against-the-wall, playoff mentality.

- Fitz: "This is another one of those wins" that helps build the program. He noted that a lot of recruits probably watched on national television.

- Fitz: "We haven't had a preparation problem, we've had a performance problem." The team fixed that today.

- Fitz: "The offensive line played as well as they have all year."

- When asked about a few calls that went against NU, Fitz said, "I don't want to owe any money to the Big Ten."

- Fitz on Siemian: "I talk to him a lot about using frustration as motivation. And this is probably the healthiest he's been since the Northern [Illinois] game."

- Fitz said he didn't talk to Jack Mitchell before he went out to kick the decisive field goal(s). He also said he ices his kickers every week in practice to prepare them for situations like that."

- Fitz: "Our fans have been ridiculous. Out fans have been awesome." Also: "There's going to be a lot of purple worn in board rooms across the country on Monday."

- Fitz says he wishes this game could be played more, but notes that it's going to be tough with Notre Dame now having an ACC commitment.

- Fitz: "I could not be more happy" for Kyle Prater.