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Northwestern vs. Brown gamethread

Come chat about Northwestern-Brown!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern plays at Brown today in the strangest game of the non-conference season. Like seriously, how is NU playing AT Brown? This is their gym:

Anyways, it's still a big deal, because despite how small Brown's gym is, they're actually not super small-time at basketball. They're one of the better teams in the Ivy League and they could legitimately beat NU tonight. But if the Wildcats can find a way to win this game, they'll have a good chance to be undefeated until the second game of the Cancun Challenge against Northern Iowa or Virginia Tech.

Here's how you can watch the game and follow along. We'll be keeping up with the gamethread, too, to keep you updated.

Online stream: Subscribe for a day pass for $10.
Radio: WGN 720 AM in Chicagoland
Follow: Follow InsideNU on Twitter at @insidenu. Or follow the Twitter list below, which automatically update.

Line: Brown is a 2-point favorite.
KenPom: Northwestern has a 53 percent chance of winning, with a projected score of 64-63.