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How to watch: Northwestern vs. North Florida

It's the "start" of the Cancun Challenge.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

TV: 7 P.M. CT, BTN Plus
RADIO: 87.7 FM The Game and 89.3 AM WNUR in Chicagoland
ODDS: Not listed
KENPOM PREDICTION: 72-59, Northwestern with a 90 percent chance to win


Coming off an impressive win in Providence over Brown on Monday night, Northwestern returns home to play the Ospreys of North Florida.

While Brown is a better basketball team than North Florida, the Ospreys present a different challenge; a challenge that can exploit of the Wildcats' weaknesses.

Although Bryant McIntosh has been impressive while running Northwestern's offense, his play hasn't matched up on the defensive end. When playing off the ball, McIntosh sometimes loses his man as he can become susceptible to ball watching. Teams have taken advantage of it a few times this season.

In the clip above, McIntosh has the right idea of dropping into the lane to defend against the drive, but he completely loses sight of his man and is late in recovery as he nails a three.

The freshman guard can't afford to do that against North Florida as he will be matched up against a really explosive player in Dallas Moore. The sophomore comes into the contest averaging 21.5 points per game through two games.

It will be imperative for McIntosh to play more of a role on the defensive end to frustrate Moore. He has good foot speed and length but McIntosh needs to put more of an emphasis on his positioning.

This may be a game where Johnnie Vassar makes his debut. It's unclear whether Vassar will play at all this season, but Chris Collins has talked about him like he can play a role, despite his absence on the court thus far. Vassar has the ability to be a really good defender and could provide some difficulties for a talented ball-handler like Moore.