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Chris Collins postgame notes and quotes

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Collins had to say after the game:

Collins: "A lot of the things we didn't do well weren't because of us, they were because of them [North Florida]... that's a good team."

- Collins explained defensive struggles by noting that Olah was forced to guard out on the perimeter, and he wasn't quick enough. That's why Collins went with a smaller lineup down the stretch.

- Collins said he probably would've gone to the smaller lineup a littler earlier if he could go back and do it again.

- Collins: Gavin Skelly was huge. He brought some energy.

- Collins on the decision not to call a timeout at the end: "Whatever play we would've called, it would've been for Tre." So he decided it was best to not let North Florida set their defense.

- Collins: "It's nice to be able to learn lessons while you still win."

- Collins: "I can imagine Tre counting the clock down in his backyard." Of the big shot, Collins said, "that's what Tre does. I want the ball in his hands late." Collins also mentioned that he has confidence in McIntosh in those situations too.

- Collins said McIntosh reminds him a lot of Jon Scheyer, whom he coached at Duke.

- Collins noted that because four players played 28 minutes or more, a lot of the guys who didn't play much will have to contribute on Saturday.

- Collins on defense: "We really learned how to lock in on game preparation last year." He says that was why they were such a good defensive team during the second half of last season, and says that because they have so much "youth," they need to improve their preparation again.