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Pat Fitzgerald talks Northwestern's win over Purdue

Fitz discussed Trevor Siemian's injury, the win and more.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Pat Fitzgerald had to say after the Wildcats' 38-14 win over Purdue on Saturday:

- Fitz said it was good to start fast today with a 21-point lead. Said the issue this year has never been preparation in practice.

- Fitz was very impressed with the offensive line, particularly in run defense against a stacked box.

- Fitz won't speculate on Siemian. Said it looks like "a very serious knee injury."

- "I think Zack has been preparing well. He needed some more experience and he got that today." - Fitz on Oliver's performance. He said he also liked what he saw from Matt Alviti.

- Fitz has been really impressed with Justin Jackson, but again credited the offensive line for a lot of today's performance.

- Fitz said Northwestern "hopes" to have Nick VanHoose and Traveon Henry next week.

From the players:

- I believe this is the first time Zack Oliver has met the media. He saw the crowd and said, "oh no."

- Oliver said it took a little while to feel comfortable but he settled in after a few plays.

- Oliver said he and Siemian are "best friends" so he feels terrible for him.

- When Oliver squeezed the ball in to Kyle Prater and Prater caught it, Oliver said to himself, "all right, I can do this."

- Oliver said that he feels he can be effective as a runner.

- Oliver said this game against Illinois is "huge" because it's for bowl eligibility for both teams. He said it's "the next week of the playoff."

- Tony Jones said it didn't take too long to "recover" from his drops last week.

- Jones on Illinois getting its fifth win to set up next week's bowl eligibility bowl: "We heard." With a smirk.

- Jones on Justin Jackson: "That kid can play."

- Is Anthony Walker happy Illinois won? "Very much."

- Jimmy Hall on this fumble recoveries: "You've got to be in the right place at the right time ... no effort on my part, really."

- Justin Jackson said it was a very "special feeling" to pass 1,000 yards.

- Jackson said Oliver is accurate and has a strong arm. "He went in and balled out."