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Northwestern bowl projections roundup

Where do the prognosticators see NU going this week?

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Our bowl projection roundups have basically been pleas to not send us to Dallas to watch Northwestern play a team in a non-Power 5 conference. It seems that our pleas are being heard by some, thanks to Rutgers being terrible. So where might a alternative destination be?

Right now, the other most likely possibility looks like Detroit, which is pretty lame, but hey, at least the game would be against a Power 5 team (ACC) and it's within easy driving distance from Chicagoland. Let's take a look at where the prognosticators think Northwestern will go this bowl season, and make sure to look at the different scenarios and rooting interests from Jon Davis.

Jason Kirk, SB Nation: Heart of Dallas vs. Louisiana Tech

Jerry Palm, CBS: Quick Lane (Detroit) vs. Virginia

Brent Parsons, Orlando Sentinel: Heart of Dallas vs. Rice

Bill Bender, The Sporting News: Quick Lane vs. NC State

Phil Steele: Quick Lane vs. Boston College

Stewart Mandel, Fox Sports: Quick Lane vs. Virginia Tech

Jim Tomlin, Tampa Bay Times: Quick Lane vs. Boston College

College Football News staff: Cactus vs. Stanford