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Pat Fitzgerald talks Illinois loss

Here's what he had to say after another losing season.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Pat Fitzgerald had to say after the loss to Illinois.

- Fitz said he's sad for the seniors but also thankful for them.

- Fitz on the second straight losing season: "We've got to look at everything in the program."

- Fitz: "We hurt ourselves" with the slow start.

- Obviously turnovers were a big issue, and Fitz said that they reversed how they were doing with turnovers in recent weeks.

- "Our defense, for the first half, really kept us in the ballgame."

- How does Fitz sell the program? "We're pretty darn close to being where we want to be." Also ... "We tell them not to read blogs."

- "Our program is as stable and as strong as it's ever been." However, while he dodged the question, Fitz didn't specifically rule out staff changes.

- Fitz pulls a Beckman: "Other than this first half, the second half of the Nebraska game and the whole Iowa game, we had every opportunity to win the rest of the games."

- Fitz said there will be a lot of competition this offseason. Clayton Thorson will be involved.

- Fitz said that injuries hurt competition and then practicing harder caused more injuries.