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Notes from Pat Fitzgerald's press conference: Michigan

Coach Fitz "won't forget last week." He had a lot to say about the Iowa loss and Saturday's game against Michigan.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Fitz had the following to say about the Iowa loss and Saturday's matchup with Michigan:

-Fitz usually names a defensive player of the week. Not surprisingly, he did not name one this week.

-Fitz said: "I don't know if we won more than three or four one on one battles" against Iowa.

-The slow start against Iowa is "a sign of an immature team."

-On the offensive struggles: "We consistently put ourselves in third and long situations on offense" and didn't execute.

-Fitz said: "I sat down next to Ryan (his eight-year-old son) on Saturday and he was like 'Dad we got spanked.'"

-"I won't forget last week," Fitz said. "But you have to use the frustration as motivation."

-"At least we're doing something positive," Fitz said of the academic success of his players.

-Fitz thinks injuries have really held this team back. They can't practice as hard as they did in 2012 when they were "really healthy."

-Fitz on his young guys: "A handful of them are doing a really good job. They're doing what they can."

-On Michigan: They have a "great front. All guys are active. Solid solid group of linebackers. They came out of their shell offensively on Saturday. Running back Drake Johnson popped out on tape. WR Devin Funchess is a matchup nightmare."

-Ibraheim Campbell is still day to day. He tightened up before Iowa and couldn't go. "I'm at a loss for words for him because he was playing at an All-Big Ten level," Fitz said.

-Collin Ellis is also day to day, but probably won't play this week.

-"Hopefully we'll show up and find a way to win," Fitz said. "We'll work our butts off in practice and get ready to play."