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Chris Collins discusses the exhibition win

It was a happier press conference than a lot of the time last year.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Chris Collins had to say after Northwestern's win over McKendree.

- Collins said he was really excited to have 31 assists on 40 baskets. With so many shooters, they can spread the ball around a lot.

- Collins: "We have a pretty good IQ of the game." (Hey there, Bryant.)

- Collins: "We made shots, which was nice."

- Collins said that there will be "situations" for Jeremiah Kreisberg and Gavin Skelly. He likes the athleticism of having Skelly on the court.

- Scottie Lindsey hasn't gotten a ton of love (though there was word that he looked really good early in the summer), but he looked good out there tonight. Collins agreed.

- Collins: "Guys, being a freshman point guard at this level is not easy, and I demand a lot of my point guards." He loved seeing McIntosh finish with 15 points and 11. "Kid's gonna be a really good player."

- Collins: "We know with Tre that there's no secret, if the game's on the line, the ball is going to him." So that answers that.

- One of the objectives going into this game was to look at how Johnnie Vassar and Bryant McIntosh played together, according to Collins. He didn't answer how that went, but it didn't seem like one of the better combinations.