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Northwestern vs. Michigan pregame notes

Here's what to watch today.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Just remember, if things don't go well today, there's still NU basketball, which scored 102 points yesterday! Now for the notes:

- It's somewhat cold and pretty windy today. Might not be a great day for the quarterbacks, though that might not be because of the weather.

- There are a lot of injuries for Northwestern today. Stephen Buckley, Collin Ellis, Miles Shuler and Solomon Vault are all out. Ibraheim Campbell and Chance Carter are both questionable, and under Fitz, questionable is usually a lot closer to "out" than "available." Chi Chi Ariguzo, CJ Robbins and Greg Kuhar are all probable.

- Update: Campbell is playing in warmups.

- We've brought this up a few times, but outside of its egregious turnovers, Michigan is actually not that bad of a team. Devin Gardner is going to make at least one terrible throw. Northwestern has to capitalize.

- Chris Gradone has struggled at punter over the past few games. Hunter Niswander is listed as the co-starter. He punted at the end of the Iowa game and is the only punter/kicker on the roster who came in with a scholarship.

- With Miles Shuler out, Mike McHugh is returning punts. Treyvon Green is on kick return because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. In related news, Northwestern is some of the worst special teams in the country, particularly on kick returns.

- Navy SEAL Tom Hruby is playing today, which is pretty awesome. Make sure to watch out for him.

- There are not many students here early today. I don't expect there to be many of them and I don't blame them at all.

- Purple helmets, purple jerseys and black pants for Northwestern today.