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Pat Fitzgerald is a genius

There is no debate anymore.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, Pat Fitzgerald tried to triple-ice Western Illinois's kicker with three straight timeouts. This was, of course, a really, really annoying idea, since nobody likes three straight timeouts, and because icing the kicker has been proven to not actually work.

However, since Western Illinois has an FCS kicker who was kicking the ball 40-some-odd yards into the wind, the kick was blocked, proving Fitz's genius.

Now lets fast-forward a few months.

Michigan is threatening to score the first points of a truly awful football game with a 41-yard field goal after Fitz, for some reason, decided to decline a penalty that could have made it a 46-yarder. But Fitz had a trick in his back pocket. He didn't need those five yards. He had ... ICING.

After the second icing we all thought a third one was coming. Michigan did, too, as the Wolverines had watched the tape. But on this afternoon, the third whistle never came. The Wolverines scrambled to snap the ball, and what do you know ...

But it wasn't just the icing. Michigan EXPECTED a third icing, and thus was left scrambling to kick the field goal.

So back off statz bros. It's Fitz's world. We're all just living in it.