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Embracing the Suck of Northwestern-Michigan

We commemorate a terrible football game by embracing the suck in Vine form.

David Banks

Northwestern and Michigan played in a truly, truly awful football game. The scoreboard spelled "M00N" for far too long, and really, it was a lot of suck. That's fitting, since Pat Fitzgerald said earlier this week that the Wildcats were "embracing the suck." There was so much suck in this game, that we're dedicating an entire post to embracing it in Vine form. (Vines via ESPN).

1. Letfy punt

Hunter Niswander mishandled the punt, and in an effort to get it off, he kicked it with his left foot. It went 20 yards.

2. Best fumble ever?

Michigan fumbled after the ball hit the player in motion.

3. Devin Gardner attempts offense

On Michigan's next possession, Devin Gardner fell over while trying to hand off the ball. Nobody tripped him. He just fell.

4. Tony Jones PUNT RETUR... oh :(

Tony Jones never returns punts. Earlier in the game, he called for a fair catch when the Wolverines weren't within 30 yards of him. This is why.

5. Devin Gardner attempts offense, part two

Devin Gardner had a player wide open down the sideline. He chose to make this throw instead.

6. Northwestern attempts trick play

After finally getting good field position after the interception return, Northwestern started its drive with this trick play. It ended up punting.

7. This is not how to down a punt

Northwestern finally had a good punt! Then they kicked it into the endzone.


It did not oblige.

9. A perfect ending to the suck

After driving down the field to score a touchdown, Northwestern went for 2 to win. Trevor Siemian slipped and fell.