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Pat Fitzgerald Northwestern-Michigan postgame notes

Fitz gives explanations for the puzzling calls from the game.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Notes from Pat Fitzgerald's postgame press conference after the loss to Michigan.

- Fitz said that the seemingly inexplicable short throw on third-and-goal before the field goal was a max blitz and Trevor Siemian checked it down. Siemian confirmed it was a checkdown. "Probably should have just thrown it into the endzone and given our guys a chance."

- Why do the two-point conversion? "We were going to win."

- I said that it looked like the same call as the 2-point conversion vs. Cal, and I also wondered why they didn't change the call after the timeout. Fitz said it was similar to the Cal play, but not the same. They didn't change it because "we thought it was going to work."

- Fitz was really unhappy with the snapping today on special teams.

- Fitz said they aren't concerned about winning out. "We need to worry about winning the next game."

- "It looks like the o-line gave Trevor more than a nanosecond to throw the ball. That's productive." There continues to be no blame put on Siemian from Fitz.

- Matt Alviti had a few designed plays, according to Fitz. I asked if the pistol handoff was a read play or if there were any read plays for Alviti. He declined to comment, citing future game planning, which seems ... odd? Won't other coaches see that tape?

- "We think (Alviti) can run our entire offense," BUT "Trevor's our starting quarterback." That's not changing this year.