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Chris Collins discusses JerShon Cobb's health, starting lineup

Chris Collins spoke at practice Thursday about JerShon Cobb's status, the team's scoring woes and the starting lineup.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Chris Collins, Vic Law and Sanjay Lumpkin had to say at practice today:

-JerShon Cobb is battling lingering health issues, according to Chris Collins. "He's going to be injured. He's got an old body, and he's battling, which I appreciate. He's had a torn labrum in his hip, he's had knee, he's had foot injuries. He's not moving the way that he used to be able to, which now he just has to adjust and try to figure out how to be successful," Collins said.

-Collins on potentially shutting down Cobb, "It's a possibility." Collins said they are concerned about his long-term health and having him for the whole year, "We're going to do what we feel is best for him and our team and obviously follow the lead of what he wants to do."

-"Scorer's amnesia" is how Collins referred to Tre Demps' offensive mindset and said every game he comes out looking to score. Collins said both Demps and Cobb have struggled with their shot a bit, and it's had some effect on the offensive output.

-Collins said the main challenge for exam week is to maintain the level of conditioning, "It's a tough week on these guys academically. They are staying up late. They got papers. They're studying for tests. And if you don't do anything, you could lose shape really quickly."

-Collins said Northwestern's best execution came in the game against Butler, and their last three halves have been some of the best basketball they've played. He said if they keep playing the way they played against Butler, they should be in position to win a lot of games.

-No lineup is set going forward, according to Collins, but he said he thought the changes were good for Butler. Collins said he wanted to put emphasis on the older guys to set the tone. He said he hopes by the start of the conference season, they will have a steady rotation.

-Vic Law said finals week was a nice week to work on skill stuff and sharpen everything up. Law said he needs to improve on his shooting and overall consistency, bringing it day in and day out.

-Sanjay Lumpkin said he credits his offensive improvement to increased confidence and looking for his shot more often. Lumpkin said the freshmen are meshing in well, and the team needs each and every guy to contribute going forward.